Paxoi is a cluster of islands and rocks. The most important ones are Paxoi, Antipaxoi, Mongonissi, Ag. Nikolaos, and Panagia. The largest and the only one that is permanently inhabited, Paxoi, is located seven miles south of Corfu and has a lizard-like shape. The island has a surface area of about 1...

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The largest islands are Paxos and nearby Antipaxos . Antipaxos is famous for its wine and two of the finest sand beaches in the Ionian Sea ...

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Iraklia belongs to the group of islands known as the Little Cyclades. It is a tiny island with an area of 19km² and 150 inhabitants. It is a place ideal for relaxing, as time seems to have stopped here. There are no banks, no petrol stations, no buses or taxis, no camping facilities and no authorit...

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Irakleia (Ηράκλεια) may refer to several places in Greece: Irakleia, Arta , a municipal unit in Arta regional unit. Irakleia, Elis , a village ...

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Syros island is located in the middle of the Cyclades group and has a surface area of 84km² and a population of 20,220 inhabitants. The island was the cultural center of the Aegean during the 19th century. Even nowadays the capital of the island, Ermoupolis, remains the capital of the archipelago.<...

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Syros. (ˈ | s | aɪ | r | ɒ | s | ,_ | r | oʊ | s; Σύρος or Siros or Syra is a Greek island in the Cyclades , in the Aegean Sea . ...

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Samos is part of the northeastern Aegean Islands and is located in the southern part of the cluster, near the Turkish coast. The island has a surface area of about 778km² and it is inhabited by approximately 44,100 people. Samos is the most visited island in the cluster but it has kept its beauty a...

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Samos. (ˈ | s | eɪ | m | ɒ | s | ,_ | ˈ | s | æ | m | oʊ | s; Σάμος is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea , south of Chios , north of ...

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Delos is located in the southern Aegean, a few kilometers off the west coast of Mykonos. It is the smallest of the Cyclades group, having an area of 5km². Nowadays, the island is virtually uninhabited, but in ancient times, it was famous as a shrine of Apollo and as a trading center of the early Gr...

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The island of Delos. (ˈ | d | iː | l | ɒ | s; Δήλος ˈðilos Attic: grc | Δῆλος, Doric: grc | Δᾶλος), near Mykonos , near the centre of the ...

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