Nafpaktos is a small historical and picturesque town with good clean beaches, on the Corinthian Gulf. Built between Antirrio and the estuary of Mornos river, it is one of the oldest Greek cities, having prospered in the past and being linked to many historical events. The old town has kept its...

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For the weevil genus, see Naupactus (genus). Naupactus or Nafpaktos (Greek: Ναύπακτος, formerly Έπαχτος; Latin: Naupactus; Italian: Lepanto; Turkish:

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The small island of Chalki is located just a few kilometres off the coast of Rhodes. The island has a surface area of about 28km² and is inhabited by approximately 330 people. Tourism is fairly low; as a result, people lead a quiet and traditional way of living, without the hustle and bustle of...

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Halki or Chalki can refer to several different things: Chalki (also Khalki or Halki), a Greek island in the Dodecanese Heybeliada (Chalki in Greek), one

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The island of the “Deep Blue” is located on the Southeastern edge of Cyclades. It is an elongated island with a unique mountainous morphology. The surface area of Amorgos is 121 km² and it is inhabited by approximately 1,800 people. It features two natural ports: Katapola at the centre and...

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municipality of Amorgos, which has a land area of 126.346 square kilometres (48.782 square miles), and a population of 1,973 (2011 census). Due to Amorgos' position

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Kozani Prefecture in Greece is situated in the western part of Macedonia region. Kozani has been a prosperous area in the course of its history. Its merchants once dominated in the Balkan Peninsula, expanding their trade activities to the north and along the Danube.

Nowadays the prefecture is...

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Kozani (Greek: Κοζάνη, pronounced [koˈzani]) is a town in northern Greece, capital of Kozani regional unit and of West Macedonia region. It is located

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The prefecture of Rethymno is one of the four prefectures of Crete, attracting thousands of visitors. It is the most mountainous region of the island, bordered to the west by the White Mountains and to the east by Mt. Psiloritis. It is considered the most picturesque region of Crete, boasting...

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Rethymno (Greek: Ρέθυμνο, [ˈreθimno], also Rethimno, Rethymnon, Réthymnon, and Rhíthymnos) is a city of approximately 40,000 people in Greece, the capital

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