Karpathos is the second largest of the Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean. The island is situated between the two well known islands Rhodes and Crete, and its history goes back to the Minoan and Mycenaean Eras. Karpathos is a very beautiful island, with wild, rugged landscape, mountainou...

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forms the municipality of Karpathos, which is part of the Karpathos regional unit. Because of its remote location, Karpathos has preserved many peculiarities

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Skyros is the most isolated island of the Sporades chain. With a surface area of about 209km², it is inhabited by approximately 3,000 (2003) people. This remarkable island has two very distinct regions, north and south, separated by a narrow neck of land where most of the permanent population lives...

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Force has a major base in Skyros, because of the island's strategic location in the middle of the Aegean. The municipality Skyros is part of the regional

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Agkistri ("fishing hook" in Greek) is a small island and municipality in the Saronic Gulf. There are only three settlements in Agkistri - Milos (Megalohori), Skala and Limenaria. Milos (pop. 566) is the main village of the island. Skala (pop. 448), a twenty-minute walk along the coastal road from Mi...

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Angistri, also Agistri or Agkistri (Greek: Αγκίστρι, English: "fishing hook"), is a small island and municipality in the Saronic Gulf in the Islands regional

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The spectacular countryside of Evrytania enchants all visitors. The region has a unique alpine environment and rich cultural and historic heritage, constituting one of the cleanest ecosystems worldwide, according to UNESCO in 1991. The healthy climate, the forested slopes, and the countless streams ...

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Evrytania (Greek: Ευρυτανία, alternative romanization Evritania, Latin: Eurytania) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of

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Kalamata is the capital and main port of the Messinia region of Peloponnese. Kalamata is one of the most gifted cities in Greece, thanks to its geographic position. Situated in the heart of the Messinian Bay and on the roots of the imposing Mountain Taygetos, it is ideal for exploring the area. The ...

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Messenia (/məˈsiːniə, -ˈsiːnjə/; Greek: Μεσσηνία Messinia, pronounced [mesiˈnia]) is a regional unit (perifereiaki enotita) in the

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