The Prefecture of Serres is gifted with exceptional natural beauty, unique archaeological sites and impressive historical monuments. Poles of attraction are winter sport in the ski centre of Laidia, Byzantine castles, monasteries and a curative source in Nigrita. The Prefecture is extremely...

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uses, see Serres (disambiguation). Sérres (Greek: Σέρρες, katharevousa: Σέρραι, Sérrai) is a city in Macedonia, Greece, capital of the Serres regional

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Spetses belongs to the Argosarinic Gulf islands and lies at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf, since it is the southernmost island of the cluster. Spetses is a cosmopolitan island. It is one of the popular destinations for weekends and holidays all year round.

The island excites the visitor...

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the Municipality of Spetses are the islands of Spetsopoula, Falkonera, and Velopoula (all uninhabited). An unusual aspect of Spetses is the absence of private

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Serifos is an island of western Cyclades, located between Kythnos and Sifnos. With a surface area of about 75km² and a population of about 1100 people, it is considered a small quiet island. Serifos is one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades cluster. It combines natural beauty with a...

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chest. When Perseus returned to Serifos with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, he turned Polydektes, the king of Serifos, and his retainers into stone as

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Fournoi is a cluster of small Greek islands near Ikaria, Samos and Patmos in the North Aegean region. The two largest islands of the cluster are Fournoi ( and Thymaina ( They are inhabited, as is Agios Minas ( in the east. Fournoi is also the...

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Phourni. Fournoi Korseon (Greek: Φούρνοι Κορσέων or Greek: Φούρνοι Ικαρίας - Fournoi Ikarias), more commonly simply Fournoi, is a complex or archipelago

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The island of Evia is the second largest in Greece, following Crete, and is situated off the eastern coast of Central Greece. Long and narrow, it stretches over the Aegean very close to the shores of the mainland. The two shores are separated by the Gulf of Evia and the famous Evripos Straits. A...

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Evia is a Spanish family name. Edgar de Evia Evia as used in company names: Evia Oyj, Finnish marketing communication agency Evia is also an alternate

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